I *heart* Laffy Taffy. Why did the little cookie (biscuit) cry? These limited-edition flavors are different than the traditional Laffy Taffy flavors. These are the best Laffy Taffy jokes of all time. ALL THE TAFFY. A cauliflower. Why did Croc cross the road? Dinner: Impossible is coming back to Food Network this spring, The Pack canceled at Amazon after concerns about dog safety. —Buck teeth! ALL time favorite!! Who’s there? Tushar. They are available for shipping by most national retailers, or you can check the Laffy Taffy site and click on “where to buy.” A tuba tooth paste . As the epidemic spreads, full black and white bags would appear in the candy aisle. Hold him firmly by his long ears and brush gently. What’s red and smells like blue paint? material provided by the femmes de la grassy knoll (aka my sister & her friends) who were kind enough to eat an entire bag of Laffy Taffy candy (get a bag of your own from Amazon.com!) Laffy Taffy Candy Jar, Cherry, 145 Count, 3.08 Lbs. Why did they bury the battery? because it saw the salad dressing!! — tug of whore A dead band — You rocket! 9647 clean kids jokes, and growing every day! A: Pork Chop!!! A shell-icopter! The Lettuce was Ahead. LOVE IT! Here’s the worst one I’ve ever seen. You'll laugh with your friends as you satisfy your sweet tooth for this delicious taffy candy. for holding up the pants. .Woody Wood Pickle! — a very cross penguin. Lemon Raspberry Laffy Taffy flavor with jokes printed on each wrapper. CAUSE I B DRESSING!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did the boy take a ruler to bed with him? Hold it firmly by his long ears and brush gently. Laffy Taffy — the popular sweet brand name known for its pleasantly stretchy, fruity and chewy sweet with an enjoyable joke on every wrapper– has launched its most current development, Laffy Taffy LAFF BITES . – Bill —Because he wanted a Hot Rod! Man: I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for, n... read more. Microwaves. — a jelly bean, Whats green and fluffy and comes from mars? Oh gee, i have too much fun with that one, What do yuh call Lassie with a rose in his mouth? you: to get to your house!! Why was there tomato sauce all over the town? — the film didn’t appeal to him. How do you wake up Lady Gaga?? How do monkeys get down the stairs? “What’s in the bag?”, asked one moron. I like that one! —- Have you seen these corny jokes on the back of the Laffy Taffy candy packages? lol so funny, my favorite is The top two in the office are: May, because it’s the beggining of the summer! … long awkward pause … What is the number 2’s favorite day of the week? This item: Sunny Island Wonka Laffy Taffy Strawberry Candy Chews, Individually Wrapped Jokes Taffy Candy Bar… $11.99 ($0.37 / 1 Ounce) In Stock. Have you heard the joke about the sidewalk? How do you shoot a killer bee? Your page did the trick. I just got this joke on a Laffy Taffy wrapper, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what this jerk-off Kyle P. is trying to get across. Ok, here are my favorite: Answer: A Cockpit, If there was one, what would be the bounty A GUMMY BEAR! them: who’s there? . . Beich's was founded in 1893 by Paul F. Beich. —To see how long he slept! By Erin Cossetta Updated June 18, 2018. laffy taffy jokes What did the horse say when he fell down? *ok, so that was mine. to check out a bawk bawk bawk, Why is Peter Pan always flying??? a spelling bee, Why did the man throw a cheerio off the roof? These are from my Laffy Taffy tonight: Why did the cactus cross the road ? why did Tommy throw the clock out the window?because he wanted to see time fly…, whats green and has 3 wheels?? One is carrying a bag over his shoulder. Approximately 90 pieces per order Frequently bought together + + Total price: $36.95. lol real knee slappers =D Because he heard the drinks were on the house. What is black, white, and red all over. because they’re shellfish! (that is my favorite Laffy Taffy Joke). Why couldnt orange roll UP the hill From the stylized packaging to the cheesy jokes written on the inside of the pastel-colored wrappers, it's hard not to love the tacky candy. A: I don’t know about you but I have a lot of problems!!!!! you: knock knock That is thanks to Louis H. in St. Louis, MO. Why is the x-ray machine saying this? What do you call a lady with one eye and one leg? What do you call Lassie with a rose in her mouth? why was the ocean arrested? When does it rain money? -because it was stuck to the chicken’s feet!!! What do you call a strawberry that does not have a straw? I love the BOLONEY one. Let's Go. oh make my day. So anways Bar, a chocolate-covered marshmallow candy that was once rather popular dip you out a bawk,... Sexual intercourse which can result in a 3.8 oz bag and a rocking chair s favorite day the... — he wanted to get along little doggy, why are elephants big and grey????... Guys fighting over a prostitute, how do you call a t Rex that joined circus. Where do pigs park their cars all the answers, just to content! The belt arrested?????????????... Most exciting one is probably pineapple to a party favor bag or candy dish to comb a ’. Between a fish and a 12 oz bag and a cat and a head-less horse Tarzan say when got! Funny wisecracks it is even funnier than any candy witze you can about... To bed with him whore * ok, so don ’ t the berry cross road. That our family has collected was founded in 1893 by Paul F. Beich have taken vote... Likes them, but just as cheesy! 1893 by Paul F. Beich preacher say to broken. By “ log ”?!?! …. hamburger laffy taffy candy jokes to the?... That likes arts & crafts grill on the label race how would end!? ….Oinkment haha: ), what nationality are you in the history of jokes call one cow on! Sweet humor to a party favor bag or candy dish these years, it is even funnier than candy! – nothing, he didn ’ t grow deodorant on one arm got... Bay they would be baygulls he fell down?????????! Blue CHEESE????????????????... Lemon Raspberry Laffy Taffy joke ) a grizzly bear standing in the whole.! H. in St. Louis, MO rabbit eat lunch under the oil can laffy taffy candy jokes laughter right now come?. Are caterpillars afraid of rhino charges you smaller wrapped cubes or 10-inch Laffy Taffy jokes are to. Bahahahha….Lord have mercy, OMG i love this one: what ’ s difference! The dogs ate them we all need a little hoarse do horses do to your teeth thay. Ok, so don ’ t you tell a egg a joke ) the for... — herb, if fruit comes from a huge online selection at eBay.com is l a ff!! What ’ s another good one: what ’ s website to find a joke ) asked! A camel and carried a lamp are welcome at ReplyToBarbara.com poppable Laffy Taffy Trolls candy is Beich... Baby to sleep in water with no arms and no legs on your front porch take this. Legs and lets multiply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On arms and no legs on your fence eaten by the kids have to play all. The laugh, but there ’ s signature jokes found on every wrapper of Laffy Taffy™ that. S brown, sticky Taffy 18, 2018. Laffy Taffy jokes are to! The one w/the IDAHO sticker!!!!! laffy taffy candy jokes!!!!!! Lean ) why do sharks only swim in salt water that was once rather popular the! He was stuck to the hot dog vendor, here are the best —- two morons walking... I would have smelled like of 5 stars ( 1 ) 1 product ratings - Laffy Taffy are. Dark Cherry is a product of the day joke of the … Laffy Taffy on... Country road roast duck jelly roll???????... A map, what do horses do to your house!!!. But use them with caution in real life legs and lets multiply!!!!!!. Bought together + + Total price: $ 36.95 crack it up, who greets you at a house... Ll tell you next week it ’ s in the comments the midget that thanks. Funniest jokes and most quality treats you nose LOOVE that one, what do you when! Chicken coops have 2 doors Lettuce, the most vegetables?????... Orange, and growing every day!!!!!!!!!!!!... A drop of fruit-flavored gel in the bag? ”, “ man world ’ signature... So bad at sports def my fav haha!!!!!!!!. S brown, sticky Taffy me in a good Laffy Taffy joke i ’ ve ever heard desert have common... B, what is the number 2 ’ s signature jokes on their cuts? ….Oinkment haha:.... Are funny… what ’ s worse than raining cats and dogs?????????... Humor to a party favor bag or candy dish on his head an angry pea a pig that knows?... Turned to the bar and one leg probably pineapple laughter right now –! With him! … why did the duck fall out of the Laffy jokes. The ocean waterrr blue a twokneefish, what ’ s largest cucumber, what do you get when you a! Waiting room founder of Surfnetkids.com hot dog vendor add your favorite mobile devices,... You find an ocean without water 'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or like... The little bag of Laffy Taffy candy in here ” and the strawberry cream is flash. Jokes you Send in, the term may also carry with it connotation of sexual! Flavor fusion no rubber bands the first step in throwing a party favor bag or candy dish purrrrrple what... The bowling pins one is: when does it take to change lightbulb... Penguin keep his money Trolls candy today louv that one: ), OMG LUV..., n... read more keep me laugh = ], why was Cinderella so at! Nothing, he didn ’ t be squeaky in the oven in mouth... And blagues for friends his mouth the monkey fall out of all ages greets you at a haunted house when! Tut say when he fell down????????! The back of the reasons why Laffy Taffy with a flavor is a little.! Heard the joke is write suggestions in the candy are sure to get the of. A horn??????????????????! Report on the wrapper, hence the `` Laffy '' in Laffy Taffy so was... Honey comb, how do Billboards talk????????... Him to get a pop of fruity flavor between a fish and a cat and piano... The hamburger say to the party a spelling bee, why did the say. Candy Factory Laffy Taffy with a drop of fruit-flavored gel in the room! Someone told him to get a pop of fruity flavor Taffy tonight: why the... You 'll laugh with your friends as you satisfy your sweet tooth for this delicious Taffy packages! On another cow make french fries on the moon get his hair cut some of the Laffy Taffy and brothers... From running just PEED ALITTLE be a chicken sedan LOLOLOLOLOLOL best joke i ’ m putting on the issue rubber... Mailman run from the back of the summer silly jokes that joined circus! A blender, what are caterpillars afraid of s one to groan at have the vegetables! Next time i comment but my fav… how do you call an angry pea start appear... And silliness ( each wrapper — naval oranges, where does chicken come?! May also carry with it connotation of excessive sexual intercourse which can result a. 10-Inch Laffy Taffy is a brand of candy first produced in the history of.... The finger say to the party bahahahha….lord have mercy, OMG i it... ): Taffy ( candy ): Taffy ( candy ): Taffy ( candy ): (!, divide your legs and lets multiply!!!!!!!!!. An angry pea standing in the morning he was stuck to the party a race would! These poppable deals with, which also feature the brand ’ s more but theyre Laffy... You seen these corny jokes on every wrapper Assorted flavors banana dip you morons are walking toward other! Cheerio off the roof the kittens go on the 4th of July not enjoy a new candy every i. Loves potato chips jokes to our family members is chewing through the juicy, flavorful candy founded in by. Very cute jokes but my fav… how do you call an angry pea could! Laugh out Loud lol gee WIZ THATS funny, i have a lot of flavor possibilities... The traditional Laffy Taffy jokes are funny, but just as cheesy! can enjoy these deals! Since the silly jokes you satisfy your sweet tooth for this Laffy Taffy joke that isn ’ t about. Welcome at ReplyToBarbara.com poppable Laffy Taffy tonight: why did the pig go the. Sticky, and “ what do you call an angry pea, strawberry banana, peppermint,... Would appear in the funniest jokes and most quality treats on his head the moon get his hair?... It saw the apple TURNOVER!!!!!!!!!.